Smart shopping, that is, how to shop with your head

Sales. Such purchases can easily spend a fortune. Here only the skirt is for 30 rubles, there is a pair of jeans for 40 rubles, and another somewhere in other place – a jacket for 60 UAH. Separately purchased item will not be us financially, but it could be worse if the sale bought a few things.

States after the purchase

We leave the store loaded with bags signed by our favorite brands. In the beginning there is excitement, joy and satisfaction from the acquisition of excellent and INEXPENSIVE things. We feel like an Ancient man, bringing food to the cave for a month. Through some time is waking up in us sense of guilt and sometimes disappointment:

  • are you sure we need these things?
  • is it worth buying them?
  • is there a need to set aside some money – after all in the closet already a few similar pairs of shoes?
  • maybe it’s wasted money? Smart shopping, that is, how to shop with your head
  • This feeling usually passes quickly. In his place there is a translation that was good:
  • Yes, I have a blouse like that.
  • I look amazing in this.
  • now I don’t carry these shoes, but for summer/winter will be as found

In the end, there is acceptance and the end of thinking about shopping – because the Mall was successful!

At sales you can really buy a lot of things at a dizzyingly low price. Winter is good to find clothes and shoes for a penny on vacation, in the summer – to take very cheap products that will be useful in the fall and during the cold.

All purchases, not just sales, should be done with the head.
I confess, I also very often buy a lot of clothes in which to run amok. I come home and I feel guilty. Fortunately, quickly passes. However, I try to keep smart shopping and stick to a few tips (however, they don’t always work while shopping).

Here are some of them:

1/ shopping-take a Trustee
Lonely shopping is not always good for our wallet. We ourselves are not objective and cannot assess the needs of a particular product or its suitability for us (for individuals and silhouettes). In buszowania shopping is worth taking a person who can tell us directly: no, in this you look terrible; no, it’s not suitable for You at all; no, why do You need it?; no, in the end, it’s frustrating-do you like it, or do you want to just buy something?;

It can be anyone who not only helps You objectively, but also who has a similar taste to Yours. You will not take after all on purchases at us which, for example, loves corduroy trousers or bells!

If you do not have a trusted person, do not accept him – he can only distract you. Then, too, it is better to shop on their own.

​​2/ Always after this item you can return the next day
This happens with new collections or clothes that stay in stores for a long time. The situation looks worse at sales because some things go down like fresh rolls. That’s it – some. When you have selected several products – try them on, look carefully if they have any defects (especially when it comes to buying in second hand), explain to yourself why you want this thing and rethink your financial capabilities.

These clothes, shoes or accessories do not need to buy the same day. Go home, think about the acquisition and sleep with it. If you are overwhelming/y by 100% – run fast to the store! As I wrote earlier, it is not always possible to implement, but sometimes it is very useful. 😉

3/ advice for girls – go to the shops colorless
If you do not know how to show yourself on the street without makeup, it can be very difficult for You. 🙂

I do not mean that the liquid can uświnić clothes, especially white blouses and shirts (which generally hate – well, nasty – sorry, girls), but above all, matching clothes. Without makeup, Many of us feel unattractive. Sometimes I do too, but it helps me when buying. I put on something, and suddenly I see that I look good in it – even without makeup! Then I’ll look divine! 😉

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