Rocket League

Rocket League

A few years ago on the PlayStation 3 debuted game Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars, which was a variation on the theme of football. The matches occurred on larger venues, but instead people drive armored cars. The aim of the game was, of course, to score more goals from the opponent. The idea is not quite like the players, and the premiere of the mentioned title was without a trace. Responsible for the game Studio Psyonix did not give up and decided to create a spiritual successor of his work with improved game mechanics and a much simpler name-Rocket League.

Easy to learn, hard to master

At the moment when I write these lines, it is already known that Rocket League is very popular both on PC, where it is available on Steam at a price of 20 euros, as well as on PlayStation 4 (PlayStation Plus subscribers can download it in August at no additional cost). What is the essence of production? The answer to this question is relatively easy. On simplicity and any gaming ability to. In addition, the developers creating the game professed the principle of Easy to learn, hard to master. This means that mastering the basic rules of gameplay takes only a few minutes, but if we want to be masters in this discipline, we will have to spend many hours in the virtual world.

Easy to learn, hard to masterDriving is very intuitive. We can just ride in the big arena, bounce, spin in the air and even perform any ointment tricks on our car – all this to hit the ball. On the „turf” are also special places where we charge nitro-believe me, but in this game there is nothing better than the moment when we see a lawless ball flying towards the goal, we run the acceleration and push it into the goal at full speed. Rocket League is a very impressive, dynamic and exciting product that never has the principles of fair play or team play. Why?

The face is designed in such a way that the ball is always in the game – all the arenas in Rocket League are closed – on the sides, at the wall, and on top of the ceiling, so there are no throws of various, free or penalty. If the enemy will destroy us from the Board, is not someone to complain, because they do not have here also the judges. What about team play? Perhaps if we played with friends and were connected with each other by voice, such an element would be present, but during the game with randomly assigned players, the gameplay is more like what we experienced many years ago in residential courtyards. Everyone runs to where the ball is.

Simple rules of the game

Rocket League allows you to participate in matches during which two teams become opposite each other (a maximum of four people in each team). Everything is aimed at fun in multiplayer mode, and you have to admit that it works great in this regard. The network infrastructure is working fine, and joining the next meeting only takes a few seconds. There are no downtime and moments when it’s hard to find players to play together. It may seem that this is due to the fact that the game is available as part of PlayStation Plus (we’ve ever analyzed editing on PlayStation 4), but on a PC where production for a fee, the servers are also filled to capacity.

Simple rules of the gameHowever, before you decide on the main course, i.e. this game with other players, it is necessary to master the basic rules of the game, competing with opponents controlled by artificial intelligence. Rocket League allows you to fight with bots in individual matches, and also includes a completely extra season mode. Choose the duration, the team and the car and cosmetic additions, and then proceed to the playoffs one by one (at home and away). As in traditional football, with the difference that in this case after the end of all matches we can just start the next season. Not worth it – the game provides much more fun in the game over the network.

For performing various actions on the field to score a goal, defense, the first touch of the ball after the game, etc.), we get the appropriate number of points. They are also provided at the end of the meeting. Thanks to this level of experience gained and opens your access to new cars and gadgets (we can, for example, put a flag on the car or change the color of the glow that appears after the activation of acceleration). Fortunately, all add-ons are cosmetic in nature and do not give any advantage during the match. This is another big plus for Rocket League, in which we can distinguish the veteran from the novice after the game, not by the appearance of his car.

Exciting matches

Rocket League is a very unpredictable game. In it repeatedly there is a situation when we lose some goals, and then we score a winning goal. What is the reason? On the agenda are here to play or accidental own goals. At least for the time being. I have the impression that this accident is due to the fact that the game is available only for a few weeks. After some time, when many people will be able to master it to the degree of advanced, the element of chance in the matches will cease to be present, and the result will reflect the skill of the players.

Exciting matchesI am also very happy that the authors of Rocket League are not going to access the wallets of the players – the owners of computers pay full price for the game and can play at will, while the owners of the PlayStation 4 with a PlayStation Plus subscription have access to it at no additional cost. It is worth noting that the game will work perfectly on the free-to-play model (free game, paid gadgets, Season Pass, with new cards, etc.) and attracted a large number of players. Fortunately, the developers did not use such a solution and completely went against modern trends, announcing that they will soon publish a new arena as part of the free expansion.

Rocket League is another independent game that proves that even today, in an era of high-budget, complex and powerful productions, there is also room for titles based on an interesting realized idea. Moreover, the work of the Studio Psyonix can be run for a few minutes to play a few meetings, or spend many hours with him, honing skills. And no matter which of the above options we decide on, we’ll be sure that there’s always someone out there on the other side of the screen who wants to play together. In General, I sincerely recommend.

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