It is clear from many studies that video games have an impact on people and can not be denied

It turns out that games, depending on the species, have an extremely beneficial effect on the human brain, but on the other hand can also have far-reaching negative effects. One study, conducted by scientists from the University of California, proved that the appropriate video game has a significant impact on brain function and cognitive ability even in people over 80 years of age.

Acceleration of mental processes was registered in 70% of people

Those who took part in the study were to play the NeuroRacer game, which consists in driving a car and reacting or ignoring emerging symbols. The experiment ended with the most positive result. It also turned out that the beneficial effects persisted in those subjected to examination for the next six months after its completion.

Another study, carried out by a team of researchers from the University of Iowa, required elderly participants to regularly play the video game „Road Tour” at least 10 hours a week and the observations of older people lasted for 1.5 to even 7 years. Researchers concluded that this type of game prevented and even began to reverse the deterioration of brain function.

In addition, better memory, thinking and processing speed of visual information have been observed. Acceleration of mental processes was registered in 70% of people.

Acceleration of mental processes was registered in 70% of people

In the case of other tests, it was shown that video games support the rehabilitation of patients after the stroke. Action games that teach how to act quickly and decisively improve decision-making processes.

Italian researchers from the University of Padova have also shown that games of this type improve reading skills in children with dyslexia. The most important thing in all of this is the fact that a beneficial effect on the human brain helps in everyday life.

Unfortunately, video games also have their negative effects and recent cases seem to confirm this. On September 16, there was a shooting at an American military base in Washington, where 13 people were killed. The perpetrator was one Aaron Alexis, who in 2007-2011 was a reservist.

How computer games affect the human psyche

His acquaintance, Michael Ritrovato, told ABC News that the 34-year-old was addicted to video games of a military nature. He also added that he was really bad with him – he sat in his room and played even all night and in the morning he could be late to work.

Another situation occurred in Great Britain, where the teenager leaving the store was attacked with a knife and the attackers rob him of the game „GTA V”, which he just bought. Serious problems are mental illness, such as addiction to games, running away from everyday life and reality, which causes further problems.

How computer games affect the human psyche

Joseph Hilgard, PhD student at the Department of Psychological Sciences at the University of Missouri said that addiction to video games causes that a person develops unhealthy habits, such as lying about the number of hours spent playing the game, or stops going to school or work.

Hilgard also claims that his team has evidence that supports the thesis that the most addictive games are those of the genre MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game). These types of games offer players to advance to higher levels, connect to groups and play with others over the internet, and the fantastic virtual world encourages you to stay in it as long as possible.

How computer games affect the human psyche.

Technical progress 21 forever – not just jump, it’s a revolution. If 30 years ago, you can not think about what you can here just to find information, play, study or work, even with the help of a computer. What you can talk on the phone from anywhere in the world, not just talk, but also play to read. Modern technology works wonders.

It not only entertains and educates, but also helps, saves and a happy man. Computer games – these are programs that are created to recognize the person they occupy their free time. When playing computer games, people relax, go blindly in the virtual world.

The child is irritated, he becomes nervous and derhanným

Sometimes a child can be quiet only video games, sometimes when they do nothing, it means boredom. However, not all people think about how video games affect the human psyche.

How they influence the Children’s Games, he said in many textbooks, articles, newspapers and magazines, they talk about it on television, radio and children’s clinics. After all, this problem is becoming more and more urgent. Children tightened computer games worse than adults.

The child is irritated, he becomes nervous and derhanným

After all, the human psyche, especially small, can easily affect the outside. Walking down the street, not to see, as before, a crowd of children playing in a classic or fishing. I do not even remember all games. But this is a real life, not a virtual one.

Parents distract the child, not follow him and do not worry about it, just give him a hand mouse. This is not right, it’s etched society. Computer games – it is certainly fun and exciting, but in a certain amount. Otherwise, their impact on the human psyche is too strong and computer games will be difficult to break.

Psychologists advise children not to overuse computer games, because it is a dangerous impact on the human psyche. A child can develop nervous and cruel. If you teach a child to a man that cruelty – is good, can not distinguish the border, can not abide by the rules and regulations. Computer games affect the child’s psyche, because the main task in the game – competition.

Along with him (beat the record that was set in front of his partner) probachyvshy or even against the game itself. The child is irritated, he becomes nervous and derhanným. A child who, since early childhood playing computer games, is difficult to collect with his peers. He closed, shyly clenched.