Mirror's Edge Catalyst – run, faith, run!

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst – run, faith, run!

Faith already started, although the applause was moderate. Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is the second attempt. The audience is bigger, efforts too, but the podium is still far away.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, that is twice the art

The idea was original, but something was missing when it comes to execution. In any case, this belief was fed by the developers of Mirror’s Edge 2008. Although this title gathered a bunch of loyal fans, it did not reach a wide audience. So Studio EA Dice decided to give him another chance and all about to take anew.

Mirror's Edge Catalyst, that is twice the artThis is how Mirror’s Edge Catalyst was born, which is not so much a continuation of the first release of sprinterce from the city of Glass, which is a completely new look at its history. What unites adventurer faith this year with its original is, of course, the character of the heroine, futuristic design and first-class parkour.

Although the new products EA Dice, as most deserves the prefix „super”, the more it concerns the scale of the project and the idea itself. In other aspects you will find great flaws and it is difficult with a clear conscience to hand over the resurrected Faith to the Laurel of victory.

If you remember „spring to come” by Jerome, get Mirror’s Edge Catalyst. If you have already managed to erase this novel from my memory… there’s nothing stopping you from discovering faith’s new adventures. All right! I know this sounds ridiculous, so I’m already saying what I think has „literally” to the windmill.

Perhaps the most famous scene of the twentieth anniversary of the text-a moment in which one of the characters at the time of death opens to his son, vision II of the Commonwealth. This utopian description is primarily concerned with glass houses, which allegedly grew up in a super-Slavic country. Of course, pre-war reality had little in common, but for that with the landscapes of Mirror’s Edge Catalyst-abound.

Landscapes of Mirror’s Edge

City of Glass (the name speaks for itself!), that is, the scene where faith plays her parkour drama is a place as beautiful as it is scary. This landscape is built of giant skyscrapers resembling giant crystal blocks. This world glitters with sun glare and glitter of neon lights and billboards.

Landscapes of Mirror's EdgeThis is something of a utopia, especially because almost all embossed and shiny, as if the building is constantly cleaned, so they are not deposited even the smallest molecule of dirt. On the other hand, the city of glass is actually a dystopia in the full sense of the word.

This perfect-looking metropolis is de facto one big prison run by a man named Kruger, the head of an oppressive Corporation residents. The only Bastion of freedom in this world is a totalitarian group of outsiders, between which there are also sprinters, that is, petty thieves and messengers. Faith belongs to them.

The story of welcome return of the running woman begins the moment she leaves the colony and goes out on a flooded street. Puddles reflect the light of coloured lamps, and with a big screen watching a person mentioned tyrant. The city of Glass has its own unique climate. He needs this.

This view from the entrance introduces us to the extraordinary mood of this city. Especially me, as a Blade Runner and „special opinion” fan, I couldn’t stay indifferent in front of this futuristic metropolis. During the day, complexes of roofs and labyrinths and secret passages hit the eyes with strict whiteness, and the night is lit by a colored glow of artificial lighting.

However, there is something that prevents full immersion in the crystal clear, though dangerous waters of the world. The problem is that the work developed by EA Dice is dead. Its flawless whiteness resembles, rather, that corpse pallor than anything else.

With life, gentlemen, with life!

Dead world… Well, okay, but what does that really mean? Kill him what? First of all, people. The characters we meet (except the main characters) have nothing natural about them. They remind us of some of these Japanese robots that awaken us to horror, because they look like people on the one hand, and machines on the other.

With life, gentlemen, with life!I’m not talking about the fact that on the roofs of the City of Glass will generally meet a few people. That’s clear. After all, sprinters, so choose these places that no one dares to go there. It is a pity that we do not have the opportunity to see the example of others, like themselves, messengers, as swept from one place to another. If we meet them, they stand like the Bible pillars of salt and look God knows what.

Of course, there are still opponents, but it’s more of a killing machine than people who could, with their stories (even przemycanymi in separate sentences), contribute a bit of life to the hospital’s white Mirror’s Edge Catalyst. None of it! Death is everywhere.

Even the buildings we have the opportunity to explore carry almost no traces of use (I miss the footprints on the walls that tell us the way). Sometimes only get to the construction site, where they always lie boards and tools, but it is, in principle, exhausted a set of items that could leave behind residents. And then there’s a separate mugs in offices, some trash bags and everything.

If you put together all these elements, you might think that civilians in the city of glass take turns building and cleaning. No more. When a building comes up, just to clean it up, Shine. A terrible vision. And not consciously. But let’s get out of these deaths and the desolate world. The time is now pozytywniej look at Mirror’s Edge Catalyst. After all, this is a game full of energy and movement. How else to describe the name, which is based on crazy parkour?

Oh, Yes, this aspect of the game came out really phenomenal! Runs on glass skyscrapers bring in almost hypnotic trance. Jump, kick, run, ślig, flip, a few steps on the wall and it’s on the suspended ceiling shackle… This is what it looks like. In principle, all the gameplay measures the rhythm of the fast steps of faith.

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