Classic 90s video games

Classic 90s video games

90-ies, the era of computer fame. At this time there were classic 90s video games that are now valued, and many of them have received the titles of the year you started today famous series. I warn you, this article will be long… Okay, enough with the Intro, let’s start!

90’s games

Doom-first-person shooter, released December 10, 1993 and developed by id Software. In this game, the ability to move a player’s character in the third dimension (up and down) was introduced for the first time. Good 90’s games lighting, powerful effects tend to be quite a big delight as in FPS. Doom at the same time it introduced the famous FPS, deathmatch. The game took excellent, and most of the 90’s games are trying to „emulate the game” game doom, was known to fans as the usual clones (drawn in the mid-90s). Today it’s people saying „Overwatch” and Paladins…

90's gamesWolfenstein 3D is a computer game developed by id Software and published by Apogee Software on may 5, 1992. It is considered the predecessor of all shooters. When there were demons in Doom, we have Nazis here. Also has achieved success, however much less, than Doom. By the way, has anyone played the latest version? Ah and Yes, I’ll throw even more classic interestingly: hero has on parts of genes Polish (and this, rather, was the only game, or one of the few classic 90s video games, which at all gave some heroes Polish origin).

Diablo is an Artistic hack’n’slash set in a dark fantasy atmosphere created by Condor Games (later Blizzard North), which premiered on December 31, 1996. Our goal is to defeat the title Diablo, Mr. terror. GameSpot announced that Diablo game of the year, and the game itself was sold in 750,000 copies, ie, by the way, quite a lot… What might interest you – the game was reminiscent of a pretty very rouge-like 90s games, that is, the game has randomly generated items, level layouts and opponents, and even quests. How to play in such distant times, it was something!

Warcraft: Orcs & Humans – RTS was released in 1994 by Blizzard. The action takes place in the world of Azeroth, inhabited by orcs and humans. On the contrary, we can embody it in one of the parties to the conflict. The plot is that the orcs using mage to barge in on people and expel them to the North. In short: war. I wonder what 90s games guided this magician…

Video games from the 90s

Quake is Another FPS by id Software, released on June 22, 1996 by GT Interactive. Is taken directly from the Target video games from the 90s. Let’s just say a little about the plot… We have a team to destroy the monster… But all the shit is going and we have to handle it ourselves because the team was destroyed. Lucky that the main character, right? I have something else to say… And so, the developers gave us four modes of difficulty, one of which is specially hidden.

Video games from the 90sBaldur’s Gate is a computer role – playing game from the Baldur’s Gate series. It was video games from the 90s developed by BioWare and published by Interplay in 1998, while in Poland in 1999 CD projekt. The scene is the coast of Swords, largely inspired by Dungeons and Dragons. Game very long. 160 hours of gameplay. Can you imagine? So much of it even in The Sims or Minecraft won’t play in the major versions! Well, in Russian!

Half-Life is a shooter, developed by Valve (Steam says good morning) and released by Sierra Studios in 1998. The main character is a doctor of theoretical physics, Gordon Freeman, who is trying to get out of the research center, in which the disaster occurred experiment with teleportation technology, because something can go wrong, except the possible death of many people. Here the most deadly weapon was the main character’s crowbar… It has also been released 2 more parts with episodes, and fans are still expecting 3, which has become a pretty famous Internet meme. You can put it in one sentence, „Gabe and Valve can’t count to 3 90s video games.” The game is great, even considered revolutionary. No wonder she received as many as 50 awards „Game of the Year”. Oh, Valve, Valve, when you finally realize that CS: GO isn’t everything…

90s video games

Heroes of Might & Magic: a Strategic Quest – the First game in the series Heroes of Might & Magic, created by New World Computing and published by the 3DO Company in 1995 (both 90s video games companies, unfortunately, fell, and a fifth of the series already belonged to Ubisoft legally). It is a TBS with RPG defender elements in the world of Enroth. Our goal is to conquer the earth and we have four heroes fighting among themselves: Lord Ironfist, Lord Sleyer, Queen Lamand and Lord Alamar. Our goal is to conquer the earth and destroy the rest of the enemies. Although officially-role-playing is still Ironfist wins, we can win the game by someone else.

Fallout is a role-playing game set in a post-apocalyptic world, developed by Black Isle Studios and released in 1997 by Interplay Entertainment. Explodes a nuclear war between the us and China. You are one of the descendants of those who survived this war. Your task is to find some device, and you have some… 150 days. No less, no more. Such a contour 90s game plot in a nutshell. PC Gamer UK gave Fallout 44th place in the list of best PC games. High, no?

90s video gamesThe Settlers-a game of strategic and economic, written by Volker Werticha and released in 1993 by Blue Byte. Here we play in 90s game the construction and development of medieval settlements. The Settlers was first available on the Amiga, where it was even considered the chip’s best game on that platform, and then on a personal computer. It wasn’t somehow terribly expanded in relation to the combat mechanisms,but what was most important was pleasant. Here I will throw an interesting fact:
The game was originally called German, however, the world took the German title. The American publisher wanted to change the name, but had to refuse, because there was a second part under the same name.

StarCraft-RTS, created by Blizzard Entertainment and released in 1998. The plot concerns the conflict (well, because there always needs to be some kind of conflict) of the three races: Terran, Protoss and ergs. RTS sold nine and a half million copies, received the Origins Award and 7th place in the list of the best games of all time, created by the portal IGN, not to mention the fact that StarCraft sharply pushed forward the genre of RTS, although today is not so popular. Well, the game was in eSports, especially popular in South Korea (not to be confused with the North).

In adults, computer games also have an effect, both good and bad

Fight games – forcing passion. Each computer game can teach something, strategy, logic, teach you to think and draw conclusions, aim for something. However, a person who abuses computer games can forget about real life. This dependence is the same as alcohol, smoking, drugs, gambling.

On the Internet, many online games. This is a great way to profit. Man, fascinated, delayed. In the end, he is willing to give all the money for some games. This is the psychology of those who know how to influence the psyche of a person can make good money from it.

Because the virtual world is closely related to reality

Entering the virtual world, people do not think about problems in reality. The virtual world is often really interesting. It fascinates, attracts. There, a person can live a life that once wanted to live or want to live now. However, many forget that your life is based on man and can simply change.

Computer games – it’s just a way to escape from reality. This is what attracts people. Computer games are not only an addictive game. For computer games create movies, cartoons, write books.

Because the virtual world is closely related to reality

People are gathering theme nights dedicated to the game. Many couples learn it with the help of computer games so many good friends, friends or just a cheerful company. Because the virtual world is closely related to reality.

Computer games is not such a secure thing. Indeed, many go crazy on this earth. People can not stand the burden that comes to them from this world, and besides, they have an impact on the virtual world with all brutality, murder and false emotions.

Ironically, but computer games affect not only the psychological state of the person, but also physiology. First, it affects male potency. Now, in modern computer games, what is there. Men stop sex by pumping him to play in the background.

In addition, worsening eyesight, headaches, bursting blood vessels in the eyes, dark circles under the eyes

Secondly, computer games – passive activities. If you abuse them, the person will change the constitution. Cellulite, muscle degeneration, joint pain – it’s all because of the long sitting at the computer. In addition, worsening eyesight, headaches, bursting blood vessels in the eyes, dark circles under the eyes.

And computer games, especially a young man person, it is difficult to communicate with people in reality. The game can be anyone: elf, dragon, knight or prince. When a person leaves the virtual world in the real world, he realizes that he really is.

In addition, worsening eyesight, headaches, bursting blood vessels in the eyes, dark circles under the eyes

There is nothing wrong with being human. It means, however, that it is adding an adventure and heroism that was a game. People just disappointed in my life, depressed, become irritable and unfriendly.

If you sit for a long time at the computer playing games, you can get rid of individuality. Forget how to separate good and bad. Computer games in a small number make life more fun, in large – kill the desire to live. The child should be allowed to play a long game, otherwise it can grow wild and naughty.

It’s difficult to make someone happy when it disappears all the time in virtual reality. First of all, they are not happy. So we should see around sulfur, and do not fall into extremes, because nothing good will come of it.

This addiction usually starts very innocently

The phenomenon of computer games is currently awakening extremely strong and very polarized emotions, both children, adolescents and adults. On the one hand, computer games are perceived as a modern and very attractive game that allows you to experience many fascinating adventures in the virtual world.

On the other hand, this „modern form of play” often frightens with a huge load of violence and sophisticated cruelty, arousing a justified anxiety of educators, psychologists and educators about the negative impact of these contents on the child’s development.

This addiction usually starts very innocently

In psychological outpatient counseling parents of children addicted to computer games are more and more often appearing. This addiction usually starts very innocently. First there is curiosity and fascination, the child spends a lot of time playing computer games.

Parents look proudly at their several or a dozen-year-old child who efficiently handles the computer, considering them a young genius. Parents allow the child to spend many hours in front of the computer, because they are convinced that it develops their interests, and at the same time is at home under the watchful eye of their parents.

However, over time, the son or daughter begins to spend more and more time playing computer games, when they try to break away from the computer they react with outbursts of uncontrolled anger and aggression. The parents are slowly losing touch with the child, and it loses touch with reality because the most important is the game and time spent in the virtual world.

It is clear from many studies that video games have an impact on people and can not be denied

It turns out that games, depending on the species, have an extremely beneficial effect on the human brain, but on the other hand can also have far-reaching negative effects. One study, conducted by scientists from the University of California, proved that the appropriate video game has a significant impact on brain function and cognitive ability even in people over 80 years of age.

Acceleration of mental processes was registered in 70% of people

Those who took part in the study were to play the NeuroRacer game, which consists in driving a car and reacting or ignoring emerging symbols. The experiment ended with the most positive result. It also turned out that the beneficial effects persisted in those subjected to examination for the next six months after its completion.

Another study, carried out by a team of researchers from the University of Iowa, required elderly participants to regularly play the video game „Road Tour” at least 10 hours a week and the observations of older people lasted for 1.5 to even 7 years. Researchers concluded that this type of game prevented and even began to reverse the deterioration of brain function.

In addition, better memory, thinking and processing speed of visual information have been observed. Acceleration of mental processes was registered in 70% of people.

Acceleration of mental processes was registered in 70% of people

In the case of other tests, it was shown that video games support the rehabilitation of patients after the stroke. Action games that teach how to act quickly and decisively improve decision-making processes.

Italian researchers from the University of Padova have also shown that games of this type improve reading skills in children with dyslexia. The most important thing in all of this is the fact that a beneficial effect on the human brain helps in everyday life.

Unfortunately, video games also have their negative effects and recent cases seem to confirm this. On September 16, there was a shooting at an American military base in Washington, where 13 people were killed. The perpetrator was one Aaron Alexis, who in 2007-2011 was a reservist.

How computer games affect the human psyche

His acquaintance, Michael Ritrovato, told ABC News that the 34-year-old was addicted to video games of a military nature. He also added that he was really bad with him – he sat in his room and played even all night and in the morning he could be late to work.

Another situation occurred in Great Britain, where the teenager leaving the store was attacked with a knife and the attackers rob him of the game „GTA V”, which he just bought. Serious problems are mental illness, such as addiction to games, running away from everyday life and reality, which causes further problems.

How computer games affect the human psyche

Joseph Hilgard, PhD student at the Department of Psychological Sciences at the University of Missouri said that addiction to video games causes that a person develops unhealthy habits, such as lying about the number of hours spent playing the game, or stops going to school or work.

Hilgard also claims that his team has evidence that supports the thesis that the most addictive games are those of the genre MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game). These types of games offer players to advance to higher levels, connect to groups and play with others over the internet, and the fantastic virtual world encourages you to stay in it as long as possible.

How computer games affect the human psyche.

Technical progress 21 forever – not just jump, it’s a revolution. If 30 years ago, you can not think about what you can here just to find information, play, study or work, even with the help of a computer. What you can talk on the phone from anywhere in the world, not just talk, but also play to read. Modern technology works wonders.

It not only entertains and educates, but also helps, saves and a happy man. Computer games – these are programs that are created to recognize the person they occupy their free time. When playing computer games, people relax, go blindly in the virtual world.

The child is irritated, he becomes nervous and derhanným

Sometimes a child can be quiet only video games, sometimes when they do nothing, it means boredom. However, not all people think about how video games affect the human psyche.

How they influence the Children’s Games, he said in many textbooks, articles, newspapers and magazines, they talk about it on television, radio and children’s clinics. After all, this problem is becoming more and more urgent. Children tightened computer games worse than adults.

The child is irritated, he becomes nervous and derhanným

After all, the human psyche, especially small, can easily affect the outside. Walking down the street, not to see, as before, a crowd of children playing in a classic or fishing. I do not even remember all games. But this is a real life, not a virtual one.

Parents distract the child, not follow him and do not worry about it, just give him a hand mouse. This is not right, it’s etched society. Computer games – it is certainly fun and exciting, but in a certain amount. Otherwise, their impact on the human psyche is too strong and computer games will be difficult to break.

Psychologists advise children not to overuse computer games, because it is a dangerous impact on the human psyche. A child can develop nervous and cruel. If you teach a child to a man that cruelty – is good, can not distinguish the border, can not abide by the rules and regulations. Computer games affect the child’s psyche, because the main task in the game – competition.

Along with him (beat the record that was set in front of his partner) probachyvshy or even against the game itself. The child is irritated, he becomes nervous and derhanným. A child who, since early childhood playing computer games, is difficult to collect with his peers. He closed, shyly clenched.